Legacy of Nira

2013-04-02 16:33:26 by greyhawk241

Hello there Ladies and Gents. I've another role in the bag! :D Theron from "Legacy of Nira". Due to getting this role, I'd love to share with you the initial demo reels that got me hired. Enjoy. :)


^ The audio without a soundtrack in the background.


^ The same audio, but with some BGM (Background music).

Legacy of Nira


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2013-04-02 16:53:56

A little more projection and feeling would help

greyhawk241 responds:

Totally, which is what I did for our second take. Episode 2 is now in the works. Thank you for your suggestion though. :)


2013-04-06 15:28:44

Sounds good, not very emotional but it seems that's already been commented on. I can't judge how it'd sound included in the project though, with an image along with the audio it'll probably be completely different.

greyhawk241 responds:

Thank you for the feedback. :) I've gotten some solid direction now, and a new polished cut shall be shipped out between Monday-Wednesday.