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Absolutely hilarious!:D Keep up the great work, I always look forward to the crazy shit that comes out of your brain!

Sexual-Lobster responds:


This was both terrifying and hilarious!:O Kudos.

This was brilliant! :D I can't wait to see him and his fight-style in our upcoming game! :)

pinoytoons responds:

tnx for rating :D . this is the outside apperance . the real naughty hermit is that black shadow in the picture i posted . i will produce another video how it works .

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A fun, funny, and fantastic follow up to an excellent game. Well done!

Ultimately well made and fun.

The overall game design wasn't bad, but I found the overall method for unlocking doors wholly unnecessary. My recommendation for the future? Make the levels more challenging, but make it so that once you get to the door, you can move on, no key-code required. :)

Thank you for your time and effort, and have a nice day.

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Very, very well done. It had a bit of a Mark Hamill vibe to it, which is no easy feat. Kudos.

Another excellent job Trina. As much of a shot-in-the-dark as it is, I definitely recommend submitting your own voice acting resume to Funimation. I've landed a few jobs with 'em myself (I just got extremely lucky is all, hahaha). But anywho, your confidence clearly shines through in your demo reels, and that is a very good thing!

Plus your range of voices is top-notch! :D Keep at it, and you will easily land your big break! Good luck! :)

TrinaTan responds:

Wow thank you so very much! Unfortunately I live no where near where Funi is xD And all in all I'm not really looking to become a professional voice actress as much as it seems. Mostly just a side hobby, that I love doing!

Sounds perfectly suited for an animé or JRPG. I'm guessing that's what you were going for anyway. :P Anywho, you did a great job, hopefully I can work alongside you on a project sometime! :)

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Wow, this is fantastic! If there were to be a Madness feature film, this should totally be the poster for it!

YakovlevArt responds:

A film would be awesome! I would totally be down to do art with that!

Awesome! FLCL is a fantastic anime, and you miss are a fantastic artist!:D Keep up the great work, I always look forward to seeing your latest creation.

Ahh, excellent! Megaman is one of my all time favorite series. Very nice presentation and lighting good sir.

I'm a Voice-Actor. Come hear the voices in my head. I'm also a writer, and if you've got a character, I'll help to put words in their mouth. I'm a Film director, bringing worlds into reality. I'm a game-designer, entertaining the masses. Come hang with me

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