Will entertain for eats.

2013-04-30 01:49:18 by greyhawk241

Hey there ladies and gents. It's commission time. When not working on my team's newest project "Newgrounds Rebellion", I tend to have free time to be a Voice Actor. So, if you guys are in need of a Voice Actor with a large range, I'm your fella.

Also, I say commission because like the rest of us starving artists, I've gotta eat. But, if I love the project enough, I'm more than happy to do it for little to no cost, if ya can't swing it. Anywho folks, have a good day/evening/what have you. :)


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2013-04-30 03:37:28

eat paper and paint.

greyhawk241 responds:

That's the best plan I've heard so far!


2013-05-02 09:21:57

You can eat dandelions, JSYK. The flowers taste good fried lightly with honey, the leafs are full of vitamins and you can dry the roots and make flour and stuff out of it. Also, birch leaves. It's survival for the fittest. :P

greyhawk241 responds:

Cyberdevil, you are someone I need as a team-mate during a zombie apocalypse, hahaha. Thanks for the info! :)