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Very, very well done. It had a bit of a Mark Hamill vibe to it, which is no easy feat. Kudos.

Another excellent job Trina. As much of a shot-in-the-dark as it is, I definitely recommend submitting your own voice acting resume to Funimation. I've landed a few jobs with 'em myself (I just got extremely lucky is all, hahaha). But anywho, your confidence clearly shines through in your demo reels, and that is a very good thing!

Plus your range of voices is top-notch! :D Keep at it, and you will easily land your big break! Good luck! :)

TrinaTan responds:

Wow thank you so very much! Unfortunately I live no where near where Funi is xD And all in all I'm not really looking to become a professional voice actress as much as it seems. Mostly just a side hobby, that I love doing!

Sounds perfectly suited for an animé or JRPG. I'm guessing that's what you were going for anyway. :P Anywho, you did a great job, hopefully I can work alongside you on a project sometime! :)

From beginning to end, the mixing was spot on! An excellent piece!:)

Mawnz responds:

Thank you that means a lot!

Very well done!

geniebmusic responds:

Aww thank you :3 I'll work harder!
(And this was my first time doing a piece like this lol! I hope to improve the next time I try something like this again xD)

Really freakin' boss!

SuperBastard responds:

Thanks mang.

From start to finish, this song sounds like it belongs in a AAA title! :) Absolutely brilliant!

conorstrejcek responds:

Thank you!

I'm glad you liked it, positive reviews make my day : )

Wow! Very well done. The tone of it is both chilling, yet melodic. For me, it instantly elicited a Disgea feel. :)


conorstrejcek responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. I just went and listened to some music from Disgaea, and I'm flattered to be compared to it, that is some awesome music.

Very catchy beats, a nicely mixed rhythm, an all around excellent track.

Absolutely excellent! I got some genuine laughs out of that, which in this day-and-age, is quite rare.


Jacob responds:

Thanks a lot for the review!
I wasn't sure how the writing was, so your review did a lot for me.
Hopefully the judges agree!

Thanks again, gorgeous. <3

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